Changing Maker URL and not break pages

I have a doc that’s been published and shared out in the wild, but I want to change the Maker url that is associated with it and not break the url. What’s the best way to do that?

Let’s say I have and I want to move it to

Let’s say I already have both @maker and @newmaker.

What happens when people have the full unshortened old url. Does changing Maker @ change that original full url? That’s the one that most people are using to visit the doc.

I tried searching and couldn’t find the right past post that covers this topic (if I missed it please let me know!)

Hey there! Great question!

In this example, and are two completely separate URLs associated with two completely separate Maker profiles.

Since each Maker profile is unique, even if the doc in question attached to is identical to the original instance, this will still be a duplication of the original doc (old version).

So if you delete in favor of, those people who access the doc via the original URL will no longer be able to access it. They will only be able to access it through the new URL.

Not sure if you considered it, but a custom domain could be a neat solution here:

But let me know if I misunderstood your original question here!

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