Published doc url can not change after changed doc name?

Published doc url can not change after changed doc name

right or bug ?

Dear @Steve_Yang,

Not sure what you are aiming for, but if you need a different url, I recommend just to copy the doc.


Original doc name is " Coda update frequency", and then published this doc.

and then change the doc name to " Coda vs Notion", the published doc url didn’t changed ,it still original doc name.

Not sure if it’s a bug.

Dear @Steve_Yang,

I just made a check at the “url” and when you update something in the title at the end of the “url” is made a small update after “#” ( see screenshot for your kind reference)

Published doc url didn’t changed after renamed doc .

Dear @Steve_Yang

Yeah, sorry now I get it, you are right the published name is NOT updated accordingly, what could cause confusion.

@Glenn_Jaume, your input is appreciated :brain:

Hey Steve, This isn’t a bug it’s designed this way so that your link is consistent once you’ve shared it. We wanted to have a clean link without any IDs, but that means for now we’ve fixed it at publish so old links don’t break when you change it.

In the future we’ll add redirects for these so that you can change the URL and not break any old links.

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You could refer to this style:

  1. published URL is " "
  2. Rename doc title to " hello"
  3. The published URL auto change to " . don’t change published url by hand again , and never break old published link.

Original encrypted code never changed whatever renamed doc title.
If want to change the url , create a new doc.

Other topic :
But I think users have confused about Share link and publish link .

Could you combine both to one link ? share link = publish link .

That’s effectively how our regular doc URLs work, we just wanted something cleaner for published docs.

The different links give you different experiences depending on how you’ve set up publishing so that’s why we show both :slight_smile:


Sorry ! Can’t figure out what’s scenario for publishing doc . like Medium , substack ? publish magazine? book ? Wiki ?

All of those, and also things like templates and examples. There were quite a few ideas that people came up with and wanted to share more broadly, and publishing lets everyone share what they want and the way they want.

I have found it really helpful for sharing content with friends - esp a broader audience that prefers blog like consumption but appreciates the format and the interactivity


I did enjoy your doc too @Steve_Yang

@BenLee @mallika my understand is like Medium, substack. publish magazine, articles, book.

Thanks explanation.

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