Launched: Edit Your Published Doc URL

Sometimes, we rush through the publishing flow too fast. Other times, our published doc continues to evolve. In either scenario, the published doc’s URL might need an update to best reflect its contents or serve your needs.

That’s why today we’re excited to share that you can edit and update the URL for any of your published docs!

Now, if you need to update the URL for your published doc, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re in the editable version of your doc (the URL will look like

  2. (Tip: If you’re viewing your published doc, you should be able to click ‘Edit Doc’ in the upper right corner to navigate to the editable version!)

  3. Click Share

  4. Click the “Published” tab in the window that pops open

  5. Scroll down to the Published Doc URL section and click ‘Edit’

  6. Enter your new URL and click ‘Save’

Your new URL will re-direct to your original URL. As a result, we primarily recommend using this feature when your original URL feels like it incorrectly describes your doc contents and/or to shorten your URL so it’s easier for remember when you share it with others.

Note that this flow does not allow you to change your username; for instructions on how to update that, please see this helpful set of publishing FAQs from our Help Center.


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Probably a silly question but since it would redirect to the old site, would old links (to subpages etc) break or no? Thanks!

Hey Aly, yup they should also redirect as well :slight_smile:

(quick edit - actually turns out this wasn’t properly working due to a bug, will be fixed v soon)