Edit published subpage URLs

Following up from a previous post we have launched our conference website on Coda!

The two subpages have numbers tacked on to the end of the URL.
https etc /pre-registration-9
https etc /schedule-12

Question 1: Why? Why any number and why these particular numbers? It makes it look like it took me 12 edits to get the scheduling page right. :laughing:
Question 2: I couldn’t find a way to change this. Am I missing something?


Hi @Jen_Crothers,

You should be able to go into the publish settings and adjust the title of the doc you are trying to publish. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make the edits there.


Thanks for the reply @Dan_Demers.

I can see where to edit “Published doc URL” in the publishing settings. But I can’t see a place to edit the URLs of the subpages.

My subpage is titled “Pre-Registration” not “Pre-Registration-9”.

+1 on this. I have no idea why it adds the numbers but would love to remove them.

Given the lack of responses I’m guessing that a) people have no idea why it’s this way and b) it’s not possible to change. I’m not sure if I can change this thread to “requests” but if not I’ll put it up as a request.

I came here with the same issue. it even shows up when I publish to my own domain!