Changing pictures

I’m new to Coda and I was wondering how I would go around making an image change between image 1 and image 2.

For example. If the checklist is all unchecked it’s image 1 and if it’s all checked it’ll switch to image 2.

I’ve had a rough try and I wasn’t sure how to get it to work, I’m not sure how to make it check if all my checklists are checked
If(Checklist=true,Image(“www.image1.png”), Image(“www.image2.png”))

Hi @Sunny,

please share your doc for better understanding.


Hello, i’ve managed to work out a very backwards way of doing it but hopefully after looking at my doc you’d understand what i’m trying to do.

There you go:

Please tell me if that solved your problem.


Thanks! I just copied the doc to see what formula you used to get it done so I was roughly on the correct track with using IF just didn’t know that I needed to use Checklist.Status.Contains(false()).Not(), for it to work.

This is definitely a simpler way of getting it to work than the work around that I found. I ended up making 2 extra columns with 1 being a count for the checkbox and if that was < x it would change picture.

Yes :+1:

Jannis :raising_hand_man:

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