Chat box on bottom right not working

When I click on the ? at the bottom right, a blank box appears with no sign of support help, literally nothing. This is frustrating enough, but then I cannot click it away, and I must RELOAD THE PAGE to get rid of it.

I am on Chrome for MacBook

Dear @Peter, welcome to the community!

I am sorry to understand that the Intercom functionality is/was not working earlier today, at least now it seems to be available.

:bulb: Alternatively you can write to

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Thank you for noting this @Peter. We use Intercom and if their service isn’t reachable it can cause issues sometimes. We have a fallback in place for it to route you to the community if it’s not reachable, but it seems you got caught in the middle on this one.

Hopefully it’s up and running for you now.

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Hey guys, thanks for the reply. When I click ? it now reverts to, which is nicer than a blank square that won’t go away. : )

Keep up the good work.

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