Contact support button at Resources tab doesn't work

I was trying to reach support to answer some questions about terms and conditions but that button doesn’t do anything, and your live chat support now redirects me to community site.

If there is an issue with Intercom, the fallback is to direct you to the Community. This may have just been a temporary issue. If it’s continuing to happen, even after a page refresh, let us know so we can troubleshoot.

I’m still unable to access intercom chat

We’re testing this and seeing it act weird on Windows/Chrome where not every click will open the support chat popup. Not sure where the error is happening yet and it’s not really consistent.

Are you on Windows as well?

We’ll keep testing this, but we’re not seeing it consistently which makes it a little tougher to track down.

I’m using macOS 10.15, it keeps happening to me

When someone from coda team replies to my messages the pop up appears, but when I hit the button it simple forwards me to community site