Support missing!

Usually, when you click the ? at the bottom right corner, you can create a support ticket with Coda. Today, clicking on that sends me to the Community.

What happened to support? How do we submit a ticket for support?

Hi @Susan_M_Davis :blush: !

I’m not sure but I think this might linked to this recent bug report in some way :blush:
(It’s either that or there’s a brand new bug related to Intercom :sweat_smile: )

The last reply on the topic was this one

… So I guess Intercom should be back on track soon :innocent:

As for contacting the Support, maybe you could try to send a mail at :blush:

Hey all! We’re terribly sorry for the disruption here. I wanted to make sure to pop in and let you know that there is a bug with our queue tool and we are working on resolving this bug with the team! As soon as we have an update, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Looks like things are back up and running!

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