Close anonymous voting

We will have a table with a description of the different cases that need to be voted on.
In the other table we will have a list of voting participants (for ex. 5 people).
We need that each participant from the second table can vote on any case from the first table, and the results of the votes are recorded in the first table, in a specially designated column and corresponding row, w/o voters’ names (i.e. anonymously).

The question is that I don’t know how best to implement this with Coda:

  • (It would be ideally) whether to record each participant’s vote on every particular case he voted on in the specially allocated field in the first table without his/her name;

  • or to first complete the voting on some single case (i.e. until it gets 5 votes), and record the summary voting data on this case in the field corresponding to this case in the first table (again without voters’ names).

    I tried to make a button in the first table in each row, redirecting to the second table, with the filter “current user” applied, so that everyone sees only his/her row. To vote a participant have to select the case number and put his/her vote, with the strong need to click the button “Save Voting Result” , so his/her vote is recorded in the special field in first table. *
    But there some obstacles to do this in Coda, especially if we want to have possibility to vote on different cases at the same time, but not only single one.

Are there any other ways to realize this idea in Coda?
p.s. thumbs up and down voting system isn’t suitable for this task, as there are 3 voting options: for, against and neutral.
p.s. I couldn’t find any templates fit to my task