Close modal screen with a button

Closing a modal form works with escape or by clicking the ''X" at the top of the screen. Closing a full-screen modal can only by clicking the “X” , which is a bit of a hindrance.

Can we get a button action (or can we program one already?) to close the active modal? And return to the page or table where we came from? I can put a link on the page to the underlying page, but the link does not survive in a template (or other copy) and the new breadcrumb on top makes things worse.

This posting is related to other postings I placed the last couple of days - we really need a fix or solution for a couple of things.

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Hey Joost, I think this can be achieved by copying the row modal link and using the Open Hyperlink button action to pull yourself out of the open row modal (you can create the link you need by removing the &view=modal URL addendum from your row URL).

Let me know if this solution works for you!

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Most of us are already using that approach due to the lack of the CLOSE button in the dialog interface.

But that approach does not do a RETURN to wherever the user was, it specifically takes them to a particular page - regardless of where they were before. Clicking the ‘X’ symbol on the dialog DOES return the user to where they were.

A CLOSE button in the dialog interface would return the user to where they were before the dialog was opened - so the intended workflow would proceed.

I get around this in some cases by having a RETURN column in my rows, and placing the URL to return to into that cell before opening the dialog. Then I have a CLOSE button that uses that URL to get the user back to where they should be in the workflow.

It works, but (a) its a clumsy work-around and (b) it means I must use buttons to open the dialogs, otherwise I cant save the URL in the RETURN cell (ie: it needs a Button Formula) and (c) its defeated if the user escapes from the dialog without using my CLOSE button (if they hit the ‘X’ symbol or use the ESCAPE key etc).

So we really do need a CLOSE button on the dialog interface.



I agree with the reply of @Xyzor_Max , workarounds are OK as temp. solutions, but it should be solved if Coda agrees we should be able to build apps with solid workflows.

Your workaround gets tricky if you want to use (views) of the table at different places in a doc.

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Agree with everyone here…just give us a close button! Several times I create a close button thinking I’m clever , then reuse the button for a different page and the close button takes the user to a other page! Is silly to have to create a special close button for each table view I want to use.


i have a table called RETURN_STACK.
each time a user clicks a button that opens a dialog to edit a row, i ‘push’ a link to the current page onto this stack using an AddRows() function.

so anywhere i need a ‘Close’ button, it will ‘pop’ the page link from the stack (deleting the last row) to return the user to that page where they were on previously.

its kinda like the ‘back’ button in a browser.


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Tried User().ObjectLink().OpenHyperlink() but get message saying OpenHyperlink is not supported. Any suggestions?

Hello @Susan_M_Davis ,

Yot have to put this code in a named canvas formula on a (hidden) page. In the modal you refer to this formula.

When something you are trying does not work, please share a dummy doc that resembles what you are trying to do. That makes it a lot easier for us to see what you are doing and show you how it should be done.

Greetings, Joost