[Closed, Launched] Beta: Full-Page Embeds

*** Update — We’ve closed signups for the beta because we’ve launched — learn more here!***

Today we’re announcing an exciting beta opportunity for a new type of page that can generate a full-page embed. In comparison to traditional embeds, a full-page embed provides the same visualization as the source, but a single location— giving your team all the context they need to complete a workflow from start to finish. You can create a full-page embed by linking to a page in another Coda doc, or to your content in Amplitude, Mode, Miro, Figma, Google and more.

If you would like to sign up for the beta, please fill out the following form on this page.


Great idea! Looking forward to test it.

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This is awesome. I plan on making use of this for a few embeds

Will the full page embed work with Google Data/Looker Studio? My current dashboard embeds are higher res/bigger in Notion than in Coda. Would love to have that ability in Coda given we do most of our data analysis in it and then use Google Data/Looker Studio for visualization.

I think I’m in love!

hi @Roger_Hu, this is fantastic!
Any chance these embeds will include (the option for) increased permissions, including opening new tabs/windows or starting downloads?

Many thanks for your note, @Billy_Jackson!

If you haven’t already, please do sign up for the beta. You’ll be able to share detailed feedback and more with us as you’re already doing here.

Thank you for the question, @Astha_Parmar! Generally, if the embed works already in Coda, it should work with full-page embeds.

If you haven’t already, please do sign up for the beta. This will allow you directly share feedback with us on how well this meets your needs.

The beta signup URL for this feature says “staging.coda.io”. Is it intended?
Specifically, the Sign Up url is https://staging.coda.io/form/Page-embeds-Beta-Signup_dq66O7pO5q3 as of this wring. Just making sure we sign up to the right form :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

Just want to say, I’m always super excited to read Coda’s latest updates and new features. Keep up the good work guys! You make our lives better at every stage. Thanks!


Hi @Harley_Trung — yes, that’s correct and we’re energized to seeing all the sign ups so far!

We’ve updated the link in case others have a similar concern and we’re looking forward to welcoming others to the beta. :slight_smile:

Here, I signed up too :slight_smile:

That is exciting. Thank you @Ayuba_Audu!

@Roger_Hu Will this embed functionality extend to the embedding of excel documents, PDFs, and potentially other websites? Would this enable Coda could to be a central hub, for instance, of a set of company websites and resources where you can interact directly with that embedded content using the Coda platform, all in full-page mode?

Hi @Kolbi_Christianson2, thank you so much for sharing your examples. One aspiration for us is to give you or your team all the context they need to complete a workflow from start to finish from a single place.

If you haven’t already, please do sign up for the beta. This will allow you share feedback with us on apps, websites and resources you’d like to work with. Thanks again!

Nice! Is there a full list of all the supported services you can embed?

Is this beta active? I have signed up for this beta access ago as early as announced, I have not yet received or activated on my end.

(ironically i have already received the beta access on the relational two-way table which is a later released in compare with this earlier beta).

Hi @chrisquim — great timing, you should have received an email from us not too long ago with all the details, thank you!