Cloudflare Worker to create iCal files from coda tables

In order to make coda tables more calendar friendly I create a Cloudflare worker to convert table data into an iCalendar File. This is the typical format for calendar system created for Lotus notes. More information about that if you are interested here

Requirements for Table

  • Required Columns
    • Start Time - The start date/time of the event. needs to be Date/Time format
  • Optional Columns
    • End Time - If this is no present the system will consider the event to be an all day event. needs to be Date/Time format
    • Title - Title for event
    • Description - Description for event
    • All Day - if this is present it will force the event to show as an all day calendar event. This can be used if you want to have a multiple day event with a Start Time and End Time
    • Organizer - Adds organizer name to the event in calendar (Currently not supported due to google calendar does not work with this field)