Coda 4.0 Pricing Updates: Supercharging Doc Makers

I’ve worked with and on Coda since late 2017, been a power-user for longer than many of the staff, and make my living entirely on Coda. I have some thoughts :point_down:

tldr; Rock on Coda. These changes are in the right direction and refelect Codas deep connection with their community and customers.

Coda AI is free for Doc Makers:

Amazing. Incredible. Love it.

Notion AI is $10 extra a person while Airtable AI (lagging behind in actually launching) will also cost an additional amount on top of a normal bill.

Personal use is free

Students, Small buisness owners and more rejoice! I have so many people ask me about the free plan and how to get more out of coda. People are going to love this

Only Doc Makers can add and manage pages

I think more people are going to be upset about this, but I actually think Coda is still far more generous than any other no-code or productivity tool out there.

Codas pricing model has always struck me as odd generally to be honest- mainly due to the language of “editor” as a user group. The word “editor” is generally understood as someone who works with or is involved with modifying an already existing structure.

The editor of a book/article is someone who clearly comes in after the text, narrative, and body of work itself is written.

Editors in Coda are far more than editors. Editors in Coda have always been architects. Editors have always had the ability to configure documents, build net-new tables, write formulas, and more.

Without knowing anything about Coda, I would assume that Editors can merely interact with exisiting elements on a page (like adding rows to a table, pressing buttons, viewing data, editing rows, editing canvas content, etc). Essentially, I would assume that editors are indeed EDITORS.

But Coda still maintains the idea of an editor as an architect. Yes, no net-new pages can be added, but any pages that are existing can be architected. New tables made, relationships established, formulas written, buttons configured, automations set, etc.

In my mind editors are still far more than editors. And editors are still free!

No changes to pricing

Also, just awesome.