Coda API not finding rows

Hi All, I’m having some strange behaviour with this API, when listing rows, I’m able to get get rows created and filter, however, for the most recent row, it just isn’t finding, is there an issues with the API, strange it works with other rows but not the one I need!

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Not totally sure if this is related, but I had been using buttons to modify most recent row using the filter “[colName]= last([colName])”. However, recently, this filter fails to select only the most recent row and the button modifies all values in the column.

This can be seen on the “Untitled” page of this Coda doc: Buttons, tables, and filters

I believe the intended behavior of the button is to subtract 1 from the max Row ID. Now, the button seems to modify every row in the column instead. Description of use case here: Use a button to adjust values in the last row of a different table & Filtering a table's results based on lists in a separate table - #3 by Andrew_Milne

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