Button "openRow" does not show the right row

Hello everybody,
I am learning to use coda by myself and I think it’s a great tool. I’ve spent many hours creating a doc for a game, but I can’t solve this problem.
I want to have a button, which open me the row of another table with the least points of a specific player.

My Problem is, that the formula of the label works well and shows the Minimum Points. But the Button just open the first row with the specific Player and not the one with the least Points.
In my right doc I have another button, which works perefctly well (Formula of the custom: Sitzungslog.filter([Ma Geister].Contains(thisRow) AND Datum.Max()) ), so I can not figure out, whats wrong with this one.

Here is the example doc

I hope, you can understand my problem, it’s my first post. Many thanks to you all and have a nice day!

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For least Points

    Player = thisRow.Name AND
      Points =
        Log.Filter(Player = thisRow.Name).Points.Min()

This filters the rows according the name, and then filters the Points and returns the minimum
Also I suggest you use thisRow.Name instead of your player name.
For the first played the formula just needed the ‘thisRow.Name’

    Player.Contains(thisRow.Name) AND Date.Min()

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Thank you very much for your quick response!
The second one doesn’t work, but I made it like the first one and now everything is fine.

I have an understanding question. In the first expression you said, the player should be thisRows Name. And than you do another filter to say the player should be thisRows Name. Why do you have to write it twice? I played around and in this small table it was working only with the last expression “Points = Filter…” but in large tables you also have to write “Player = thisRow…” to get the correct output.

I thought Filters work that way, that you filter by the first expression and this certain amount of that is filtered by the second expression.
thanks a lot!

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