Newbie need help

I have just found CODO and I feel so excited. I am trying to apply it into manage my Zumba class (I am a Zumba instructor) but I met some issues:

  • I have a table Card_List including (Card no, Member,…)
  • I have a table Slot_List with the Display column is Card No (Lookup from table: Card number column of table Card_List). I tried to write the function for the next column to return the Member of that card. I use lookup() and filter() but it keep returning null array frowning_face:
    My funtion:
    =[Cards_List].Filter([CARD NO]=thisRow).Member

I think I was wrong at something but I dont know how to embed the doc here.

Can you please help me with that?


Hi and welcome to Coda. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say just by looking at the formula but it looks like the problem is with the filter comparison to thisRow. “thisRow” is a reference to the entire row but it looks like you want to check a particular column in the row, so it might be you need something like:

=[Cards_List].Filter([CARD NO]=thisRow.[CARD NO]).Member

(or something similar).

If that’s not it can you share the doc here for us to look at? Thanks.

Thanks Nick_Milner,
You are so quick :D. I have just read this artical and find out the reason:

so I logged in to delete the post and see your answer.

As I mentioned, I dont know how to share the doc :smiley:

Hope to learn more from you.

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Glad you solved your problem whichever way. :slight_smile: