Coda as the most under-rated marketing tool that exists

10+ year media buyer, here.

I’ve been playing around with Coda for a few months now, and I think Coda has potential to be a top tool for a new generation of marketing.

I think the potential for marketing is so untapped and I don’t think most people realize this, even Coda. I could even see a world where it becomes primarily a marketing tool.

Wanting to drop this note here so I can come back and reply to it in 6 months and check how many of the visions I have around this come to fruition. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Coda: it would be SUPER helpful if we could include tracking codes on the custom domains (like Meta pixel, etc).


Explain more! How do you see it becoming one of the top primary marketing tools?

Any ways I can help?

The main superpower is the ability to interact with prospects, making it more of an interactive dialog versus just “Here’s awesome information.”

Plus the ability to really tracking them along a journey/funnel. Not to mention the possibilities with automation and AI once it’s out.

On top of being an excellent platform for easy to create media, pages etc.

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