[Offer] Coda build-out for ppc agency?

Hi - Can you recommend a Coda expert with experience building out a setup for PPC agencies?

We are a rapidly growing ppc agency looking to use coda for internal task management as well as systematizing client communication.

Thank you for any feedback, and have a great weekend,


Hey @Ian_Nagy I might be able to help you. The grandmaster around here is @Paul_Danyliuk - you’d be lucky to get his help. DM either of us (or maybe we can both help if you have a lot of work).

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Hahaha :joy: thanks for the mention @Johg_Ananda!

Frankly, I’ve never had a chance to build anything specifically for PPC agencies. But I do a lot of different Coda work for different clients and usually grasp their specific business needs pretty quickly.

BTW welcome to the community @Ian_Nagy !

Thanks you @Johg_Ananda & @Paul_Danyliuk for your responses :slight_smile:

I sent both of you messages on Linkedin (I couldn’t figure out how to DM you on this forum :sweat_smile:)

Hope we can connect soon.

Thanks again and have a great weekend,


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Ian - click the user’s profile icon in the message thread and you will see the direct message option in the upper right of the dialog.

I also do a fair bit of Coda-related consulting, but I tend to focus on projects that involve process automation and integrations using Google Apps Script (which is to say not just about Google Apps) and smart documents that leverage data visualizations, AI, and machine learning.

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I’ve tried a few in the past, and there are also freelancers on sites like fiverr

Just curious, what PPC agencies have people had good (profitable) experiences with?

@ Ian_Nagy I’ve always relied on SEO and Google organic traffic but it takes on average a year to get regular sales to my sites that way. I’m interested in looking at more ‘instant returns’ with PPC.

I’m not interested in doing it myself, which I appreciate would be cheaper. This is partly because I don’t have the time to optimize it but mostly because I’m crap at it, as has been proven several times.

Wow what a crazy year and a half it’s been. Our entire agency runs on a combo of coda + slack now. Coda continues to be a great solution for us that grows with us.

Late question to any still watching here, task management in Coda? knowledge management, great docs, lovely UI (for me) but not tasks. Or at least for personnel task management only but barely for small teams. Or have people had a positive experience with tasks here?

Thanks in advance