Coda Doc Duplication

Hello we are planning to create a policy repository where

We make an edit version of a policy with a table of information on it

Then I want to be able to duplicate that page automatically with out table but every thing else


HI Antony,

Could you provide more details? Or even a sample page.

Because from what I read, you can simply duplicate the page, and then delete the table?


Hi yes, i am trying to create a process where editor’s need to make a policy while updating a table of information on that policy, in the end i want the policy editors to be able to push a button to duplicate a live version of the policy into another template without the table.

I am trying to automate the policy duplication part. I see an option to duplicate a page but that does not allow me to copy a page with out the table.

Hi Antony,

Unfortunately Coda does not provide Dev/Prod environments. But as always, there are some ways around that.

  1. Simplest - could you put the table of information on a different page? Maybe have the policy on a sub-page, with the table on the higher level?
  2. What you could also do is have a table of policy documents, where the policy is a canvas column in that table.
    Something like this:


You have two pages with tables, a dev and a prod version you make the changes to the dev version, and when done, copy the updated policy to the canvas column in the correct row in the Policy - Prod table.

EDIT - There is a way to have a “template” for the canvas, but I do not know how yet.

Rambling Pete


Thanks, Piet, for the suggestions, i do have a master table of policies that i maintain. Then i have a filtered table of the master for each of the policies. Let me play around a little

Anto :slight_smile:

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