Hi, I’m trying to choose an app to manage productivity, personal knowledge, and everything basically. I keep flipping between Roam, Coda, and Clickup. I was able to find active communities for all of them on third party sites, even some mentoring systems. I was wondering if coda had this as well? Thanks in advanced!

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Dear @SanguineRose welcome to the community :hatching_chick:

Not sure if I understood your question, but let me give a shot:

Concerning the different applications, it’s rather depending on your expectations and taste.
I compare it like when you go hiking :hiking_boot: you will wear different shoes then when you go dancing :dancer:

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Hey, and welcome!

Yes, this is a Coda community right here, and it is pretty active. Lots of folks ready to help, and Coda developers paying a visit now and then. Also lots of advanced knowledge and trickery that you wouldn’t find in the docs.

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Hi @SanguineRose,


I think you’ll find a lot of great help and tips here in our community. We also have a Gallery of docs and templates with a lot of creative use-cases. You can publish your own as well!

Great to have you here!