Coda publish as website best practices?

Does anyone have any best practices for using your coda doc as a website?

I’ve built professional bang to the wall aesthetically pleasing, copywrite honey trapping, call to action inducing websites, but nothing comes close to deployment speed of coda

If anyone knows any best practices or links to previous posts please let me know!


Hey Jake, not so sure I followed any best practices with my consulting website. Take a look: Morning Strategy · Morning Strategy: Work Design

One tip is set your doc to view only and use forms for any input. If your Coda plan includes locking functionality, then you can introduce more interactivity (buttons, polling in tables, etc.)

My site is just the essentials at the moment, using forms to collect inquiries and build an email list. I’ve got a few hidden pages that I’m working on, including a tagged blog post section and some sample work.

Happy to answer any specific questions you have!


Hi @Jake_Nguyen,

One thing to note with your website deployment via a Coda doc is that nothing is safe.

With a very simple URL edit you can see everything including hidden pages of a published doc. It takes knowhow so the threat is limited but still exists.

For example using the link from @Andrew_Farnsworth, here is a screenshot of what I can access.

If you limit your Website published doc to display only information you can limit exposure. For any forms where you want them to contact you, create and and publish the links from another private unpublished doc. Link this on your Website doc so it can be accessed but the responses of others cannot. If you do anything where data is stored in tables or pages on your Website doc it should be considered fully exposed.

Note that this is read only access so I cannot modify your Coda doc in a way that will affect the published version but I can access literally everything. I can change filters so that even hidden info on hidden pages is accessible.

Permission changes with a Team license where you lock pages may stop the ability to manipulate pages but it will not stop the pages being accessible.

There may be a case where you are fine with this but from a data protection (GDPR) standpoint it is a nightmare.

Kind regards



Not the OP, but thanks for the helpful comments, Dale.

Yeah I find that even with locking, you could get away with selecting everything (one click Control + A) and then going on another page and pasting (Control + V)

Coda locking seems to only be visual locking for now

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