How to use embedded Coda pages without granting access to the master Coda doc?

I have built a master coda doc “Knowledge Hub” for Biotech. I want to share selected information with different clients.

I create several pages with database (tables) views that contain only the relevant information for client A for example.

Now I create a new Coda doc “Client A”. I want to share only a few pages with views that I have created for “client A” in my Coda doc “Knowledge Hub”.

I use the new page embed to embed the page from the doc “Knowledge Hub” into the “Client A” doc.

So fare so good.

Now I share the “Client A” doc with my client. My client can not see anything because the embedded pages are in the “Knowledge Hub” doc. I have to give access to my “Knowledge Hub” doc, so my client has access to all information.

This is killing my project.

Is there a way to use the page embed funcionality in Coda just limiting my client to the information relevant to him?

I have used the cross-doc pack in the past. Anyhow, this is limited and has lots of issues regarding connected tables (now relationships).

@juergenheise ,
long story short: no you cannot
permissions need to be shared in source and target doc

sorry to bring the bad news, I understand why it matters to you.

you can make use of my free pack I reference in this blog to set up a webhook based exchange between docs without having to worry about shared permissions:

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Thank you, Christiaan.

I will try the webhook solution and hope Coda will provide a convenient way how to manage granular permission in the same doc and in a seperate doc as in my case in the future.

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I have checked the description of your Webhook pack. It does not work with canvas column, right?

that is right @juergenheise
I would love to see a native coda solution replacing my pack.

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