Coda's picture/files CDN is being **heavily** throttled in China

Since a few weeks ago, it has recently become impossible to preview any pictures/files uploaded to a Coda doc if you connect from China.

There is no noticeable slow down of the docs themselves, it’s only when opening a picture/file preview that this happens. The preview basically never loads, or loads after 3 or 4 minutes if you’re lucky.

The issue disappears as soon as I connect with a VPN. However, VPN use is not legal in China so we really cannot employ them company-wide.

I really hope someone from Coda can take a look at this.

Hey @Nad thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I went ahead and logged this bug with our engineering team for investigation.Once we find a resolution we’ll let you know.

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Hi Jasmine, I just wanted to check if there’s been any progress on this? We are severely hampered by the inability to use the file/picture upload functions.