Code Block Syntax Highlighting

This is a must have feature.
Why not to implement it? it will look much better and it doesn’t require much work

Would very much appreciate this getting prioritized. Notion has this and it just works.


+1 Hopefully soon!! there some workarounds, but native would be much better.

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This is a deal breaker, it’s a great product but this will stop me from trialing

Hello Coda Team,
Please can we have this Asap, i enjoy the App, butt this is a must for most of All;

It’s not the same as native support, but @Eric_Koleda made a pack for this

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I gave up and moved on… I moved over from Notion as I assumed this would be solved as it seems like such a basic feature. Anyway, maybe one day they will add it…


I was honestly really surprised coda didn’t have this - it’s an absolute must have for me


Honestly very surprised that Coda doesn’t have this, even more surprised that users have been asking for it this long and have gone ignored. I just signed up and was ready to make the switch to Coda, without this basic feature, I’d much rather go back to Notion. It’s unfortunate, I was really looking forward to working with Coda.


plus 1 billion for this please

Why you don’t add this?! Is super basic!

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Plus 1 billion x 1 billion + 1 please!!!

+1 please add this feature :smiling_face_with_tear:

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+1 yes, please add code block syntax highlighting

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  • 1 ! please. is important

+1! Please this is really important to me too.