Collect Emails With Public Forms


Does anyone know how to auto-collect emails address from google users who submit Coda forms? The public form shows “Submit As” in the upper right corner defaulting to the logged in user and an option to submit anonymously. This leads me to believe it’s possible or it’s a development coming soon.

Also, I tried limiting the public form accessibility to only our G Suite domain. This didn’t seem to allow for addition options in the form or subsequent table.

Thank in advance!

We appreciate the support!

You can make an input field that asks for their email. But as far as I know you can’t collect emails without asking.

P.S. :eyes: Try putting it in the suggestion box.

HI Bodhi,

I have just done that earlier today, and integrated it with MailChimp. I created a form with CODA, asking for the email address. I published the form, and let people access that URL. The URL can be triggered from anywhere, it will update the CODA doc where it was originally created,

Once the entry is made in the FormsResults table, it triggers a ZAP in Zapier. This will pick up the new entry, and send it to MailChimp. Once it is in MailChimp, they will send a confirmation to the email address, asking for the person to opt in. Once they have done that, the email address is available in your audience for use.

Of course, if you just want the email address period, stop with the entry in the FormResults table.

Hi @Scott_Hill :slight_smile:
I was having the same issue, but when you fill a form using not an anonymous account but your coda’s one, your account is linked with your entry in that table, you just have set a formula column to thisrow.createdby().email

You are basically recalling the user who submitted the row, and checking for his email

It works because i’m using it :slight_smile: