Combine PDFs Using Coda?


I know this is a long shot. But is there a way to combine multiple PDFs within Coda? Lets say I have the table below:

Then I could click a button to merge FileOne & FileTwo into MergedFile. Basically something like what Adobe Acrobat Pro does.


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hi @Samuel_Langford , nope you cannot in Coda. It is not even possible to access each PDF with AI.
cheers, Christiaan


@Rickard_Abraham werent you working on something like this at a point? Did you ever get it working?

You can definitely do it with a custom pack . . .


Thanks for tagging me! You’re right, and yeah it worked fairly well :slight_smile:

However, today I had a bit of a breakthrough with PDFs in general!

I launched a new custom pack which should make merging PDFs in this case a breeze!

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Very nice, appreciate the work @Rickard_Abraham.


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