Command-C clash between Coda Chrome Extension and Copy Short Cut

Hi all, I think I am being a bit dopey here as I cant seem to solve this myself. I thought it would be worth asking in case it helps others.

The Chrome Extension for Coda is awesome. It allows me to “clip” urls and websites straight to Coda Database (awesome for research).

There is a clash with Copy [Comman-C] only when I have a url or part of a url selected like below. (Eg the clash does not happen when I am in general text on a website of doc)

For my work flow, I am going to have to un-install the extension if I cant solve it. (Eg I dont want a keyboard short cut for Coda).

Can anybody help? Thx so much!

Hi @Hamish_Mcgregor :blush: !

I’m sorry but what do you mean by “a clash” ? :blush:

What happens with the Coda extension when you copy a url ?

Thx for replying. By “clash” I mean I am trying to do my standard copy (“Commdan-C”), but if I am trying to copy part or all of a url, the Coda Chrome Extensions takes over, and it pops up the download to to a coda doc below.
So If I want to keep the Coda Chrome extension, and I want to copy a url from the brower, I have to use my mouse and cant use Commdand-C.

Hope thats clearer :slight_smile:

Hmmm :thinking:

Sadly, I can’t reproduce on my old Mac + Chrome (v114+)… As apparently, I don’t have any shortcut set to trigger the extension :innocent:

Which leads me to suggest you to remove the shortcut triggering the extension within Chrome to see if it helps :blush: .

You should be able to do this by clicking on the “Extension” icon …

Puzzle icon

And when you’re in the Chrome Extensions Menu, click on the “kebab” menu icon …

This should open a pane where you should be able to find a “Shortcuts” menu in the list…

This should lead you to the section dedicated to the shortcuts of the extensions you use … and also where you should be able to remove/update the shortcut currently triggering the Coda extension :blush:

At least, that’s the path I’ve followed to see if I add any shortcut attributed to the Coda extension from my side of the screen :smile:

I hope this helps :innocent:

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