Compare two text into one row in a table to create action

so today im trying to try something within the coda capibalities . im trying to do like login and signup page inside coda. i think it is possible you can check my version but i don’t know how to fix it…

so i have 2 input text… i want them if they match the same detail from the table, it goes throw… if not just write something is wrong … so the problem idk how to write something is wrong… the other thing i only know how to compare 1 row in table if the table has multiple row idk how i choose the row then compare the values from that row … help please

also i want to do the signup … like input values then added to the table but ill try to do it once the login works

does anyone know how to solve this? i have been trying for days now and couldn’t find a solution… the problem how to call a row from the people’s table

Hi, I suggest this solution :slight_smile:

thanks, i just saw your edited version this is AMAZING. i inserted button too to go to the login page…it works. i really don’t know how you made it i tried to understand the formulas and filter but ill just use them till i got more experience with formula thanks again

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