Formula to link one row to another row in same table

Hi Coda Fam!

I’m new to coda and i’m trying to figure out how I can link a row to another row based on a search formula.

So I have a table where each user can either be a “Team Leader” or “Team Member” based on the “Account Type” column.

And the way I want coda to determine whether a “team member” should be linked to a “team leader” is if the members “Leader Jotform ID” MATCHES the TEAM LEADERS “Jotform ID”

I can’t figure out how to write a formula that does this, if it makes any sense…

Here’s a link to my table if it helps

Would really appreciate any help!

Hi @Huy_Hoang and welcome to coda community !
Not 100% sure I understood your point, but here is my proposal :slight_smile: Please confirm/comment each point if I made mistake(s)

I kept those column only to have a clean interface, and added a few member

I understand, from any interface, that you got people list with either a Jotform ID, either a “Leader JotForm ID”. I understand that if you get a jotform ID you are a leader.

So to clarify, this is the point of this little checkbox (unuseful for the rest :wink: )

Then I created a column “MyTeamLeader”, that will check in the current table if JotForm ID is indeed equal to the current row (for each row as this is a formula) leader jotformid. If isLeader is checker, that mean you’re a leader and I retrive the information

Is that what you’re looking for ?


Omg i feel so stupid. Thank you so much! I figured I could use a simple IF and filter formula to match the jotform id’s.

You are the hero we all need in our lives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ahaha not so much :wink: Sometimes (even for expert), you just need to step back to see something that may be obvious.
This is often when asking the question (that requires to be able to summarize your problem) that … Eureka ! The solution comes by itself :wink:

Happy to have helped anyway !


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