Complex Wiki Setup

I want to set up a wiki to capture business & technical requirements for a set of mobile apps that are interrelated in a complex way. Imagine a cooking app as an example.

Different builds of the app vary in features and requirements based on:

  • Region: USA, MEX
  • OS: iOS, Android
  • Variant: Beginner, Advanced

We can generate different builds of the app based on the variables above and have something like:

  • Beginner Cooking App for USA on iOS
  • Advanced Cooking App for MEX on Android
  • etc

Each page of the wiki would focus on a particular feature of the app and would have sections like:

  • Product: Use cases & business requirements
  • Design: Figma links
  • QA: Test cases & testing notes
  • Dev FE: Specific front end implementation logic not captured in requirements
  • Dev BE: Associated BE calls

I would want separate databases for each section that can be modularly & dynamically assembled for each feature page of the wiki by pulling in just the sections relevant to that feature. I would also want to be able to filter that doc by region, os, and variant and have the database content update accordingly.

If anyone can help me out with this use case, it would be greatly appreciated! I have some experience with Coda, but I’m having trouble figuring out how all this should be structured and connected together.

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