Compose column with nested calculated column removes formatting

Hi folks!

I’m working on a solution to provide a weekly report to the organization with work that my team is doing. So each member of my team puts in a few entries per week of highlights, details and next steps. This goes into a table (Activities) which has a compose column to format this into a block for each entry. I have another table (Weekly report) that gathers all of these blocks in a single calculated column using foreach and some date logic to only get the current weeks entries. There is a compose column that takes this list of entries and some other information that I add in for a summary of the week and it includes the raw text properly but the formatting for the blocks is somehow missing. Is there a way to preserve the formatting?

I tried putting the formula from the calculated column directly into the top level compose column but it still strips out the formatting.

I’m wondering if its similar to this issue:

Hi Rick, I’m told this isn’t possible today so we’ve added a feature request on your behalf to preserve formatting in compose columns. :smile:


Thank you James! Actually I was able to find a suitable workaround using the format function and a single table column with the formatted text as a template. But, it would be a very useful feature to avoid the additional complexity.

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