[Bug] Text formatting for Lookup From Table entries is lost

Whatever text formatting (in-cell, not Conditional Formatting) that exists on cells in a Text column, which is a Display column, that is referenced through Lookup From Table columns is lost.

Reproduction steps:

First I define a table “Tags” which has a Display Column that holds Text, and setup the text through the inline editor to have specific formatting (bold, color).

Note that this is not done through conditional formatting.

If I then create a separate table which has a column that uses Lookup From Table and references this “Tags” table, all linked entities have the text formatting removed:


As seen above the green text color along with the bolding of the text is stripped when “Complete” is displayed.

Expected Behaviour

As the text formatting is a “cell value”, the formatting exists on the text in the cell, I expect that this would be directly copied for referenced cells and not stripped.

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Yeah your suggestion makes sense, since it works if you reference the display column itself, using a Select List with [Tags].[Status] instead of a Lookup From Table.

Even worse, if you use [Tags].[Status] the text value is copied and if you alter the text formatting it won’t update.