Conditional Cards Movement/Visuals

I have a cards view grouped by a dropdown w/ 3 options: “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Done”.

On each card I have checklists: “Needed Before Starting”, “Needed Before Done”. (These can be anything really, right now I have a bunch of control check boxes and a percentage that keeps track of the percentage of each that is complete)

Is it possible to prevent the user from moving the card to “In Progress” until the percentage of “Needed Before Starting” is 100%? Likewise can we prevent them from moving to “Done” until “Needed Before Done” is 100%? Basically is there form validation inside these cards so that you can’t change one field (status) unless other fields fit a certain criteria.

I guess the problem that would arise is what if someone moves it to “In Progress” and then unchecks something. Could it move back automatically? Perhaps the way to do this is to not group based on a dropdown but to instead group based on a computed property. That way when you check everything off it moves it to the next place, and you can’t move it manually. Would that be a good solution?

Ok and my second part to this. Can you conditionally show and hide columns on the card (when looking at all cards) based on the column they are in? I might want to highlight certain fields when its in the first column and then others when its in the second column. Is that possible?

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