Conditional Format as currency, percent, number, etc

I have a table that has one column to store data for various charts. I want to format this column differently for each row as either currency, percent, number, etc.

Any way to do this?

Hi Craig,

Short answer is no. A column can only have a single column type.

If you share more about your requirement, maybe somebody on the community can come up with an idea for another way of achieving your objective.



Basically, I track all the metrics for my organization in two tables - parent Metrics (which contains the name, champion, frequency, etc. and the metric format - currency, percent, etc.) and child Metrics Tracking (which contains two columns - Date and Value).

I want the Value column formatted based on the metric format from the parent table. I have thought about using multiple value columns, but then I would need to dynamically display the correct column and dynamically change the associated chart.

Hi Craig,

Would it work to create a separate column (for display purposes only) that is a text column, with a formula forcing the underlying data to format appropriately? Generally, text columns that are fed Dates and Numbers are relatively smart about how to show them off, you can use things like “ToDate()” and “ToNumber()” to interpret data separately, and you can always concatenate(“$”, UnderlyingValue) to throw a dollar sign on there.

Interesting idea.

I wonder if the Y-axis will format correctly?

It looks like Coda CAN parse text back into a number (even if there’s a symbol in there) to drive a chart, but it does remove the symbol/formatting from the axis label

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