Confused text background color

Use your eyes to see image ,its hex is #fef8d4.
but when you select this icon, the Text background color is #fef3b7

They’re different color .

Which is correct ?

the issue is that when you select the color icon ,the background color will be changed.

Idk the hex is #fef8d4 is correct. Bcz we choose what we’re seeing, not after chosen ones.

Okay, I’m perhaps the biggest perfectionist around, and even I think the complaint is ridiculous :slight_smile:

It’s yellow. You select yellow.

The difference between #fef8d4 and #fef3b7 is by a such small margin I tend to believe it’s done on purpose for optical correction.

I don’t care ppl are or not , and big or small perfectionist and it’s ridiculous or not.

And that’s not complaint, I just find different and feedback.That’s it .

I find the different through color , not through Hex or RGB values.

I’m not a completely perfectionist.

I just take care tiny detail about which is correct.


Left is selected .
Right is unselected.

I think the right is correct when you’ll see and expect what is the Text background color .

I think Paul is right with the optical correction statement. To help make the two icon sets stand apart from each other, one being the text color and one being the background color, the text “A” for the background colors are made to be a lighter gray than regular text. This in turn makes the background look a little different.

I think the slight adjustment in Hex Color is simply for appearance in the icon block that it’s shown.

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We select image , not image .

Don’t care the optical correction statement.

I think the issue is Coda seems have engineer culture, lack of design taste.

And engineer culture never understand design taste.

“Design taste” is not about coming up with a strict system (such as color palette) and following it blindly. If designers were doing that, we’d be all designing Procrustean beds

Optical correction is actually a valid design device, and deliberate imperfections are often needed to make things be perceived as more perfect. Here’s a brilliant article about that; it’s about shapes not colors, but the idea is largely the same:

Your comment about Coda having “lack of design taste” is a pretty strong statement. What are you ultimately trying to achieve here? Does the slight difference in tint between the button and the actual color break your workflow in some way or prevent you from achieving a desired doc look? Just curious.


And engineer culture never understand design taste.

Dear @Steve_Yang

With respect for your opinion, kindly avoid the offending tone as described in the community guidelines.

Valuable input always appreciated :handshake:


Yeah. That’s why I don’t wanna explain. @Jean_Pierre_Traets

Until you realize why Good design is good business. Dig and learn it by yourself.(Coda)