Confusing Hour indication after calculation using Date and time format


I’m working with Coda for a little while now and have been a ‘regular but silent’ :sweat_smile: community user so far… (Thank you all :pray:) Let’s see if I can start to contribute by means of the following doubt:

Using the date and time format, when trying to add a duration to get a new date and time, during the first hour after midnight the hour indication is displayed as 24 instead of 00 as you can see in the 3rd column:

Curiously the hours are indicated as 00 during selection and when converting to the Time format (last column). Why is it designed like this? Can the date & time format display the first hour after midnight as 00 after applying a calculation?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Looking forward to the nested pages!! :grin:

Hi @Edwin,

Thank you for posting this example and showing the issue happening in a doc. This looks like a bug and I was able to re-create it, so I’m adding it to our tracker.

Thank you for reporting it, and great to have you posting here as well!


OK. Happy to hear its not a limited function needing adaption on interpretation from my side. As I did not link it to a possible bug I guess I posted this in the wrong category… Marked your answer as Solution, because my doubt about how to change the formatted indication is gone :upside_down_face: Thanks!

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