Connecting tables across docs?

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a performance management system in coda and I love the UI of this template (Performance Reviews in Coda) but need a database on the backend that allows for storing scores, looking up by person, referencing previous scores, etc. In this scenario, the templates create new tables for each instance.

Is there a way to start this process from a master table, generate a doc template (perhaps with a button), and then pull the information from that doc’s tables back into the master table?


This is related to a use case that @joost_mineur has.

I don’t have an answer but maybe @Paul_Danyliuk can shed some light based on how he auto-generates playground docs for his patrons?

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Thanks, @Nick_HE . I was able to figure it out: if I created a template connected to the main table, each duplicate of that template was connected too :).

Turns out I was wrong. It’s only half the solution…since the duplicates overwrite each other :(.

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