Converting from Airtable - unexpected behavior?

I am converting from Airtable, and there are a few unexpected behaviors I’d like to find a way around.

(1) Table References:
When a table (Table A) is referenced by another table (Table B), and the reference column (in B) is sorted/grouped by how its items are arranged (in A), its (Table A) grouped/sorted order is not respected. Does that make sense?
This causes problems, because I want to sort/group Table A, and have Table B sort based on the order of the items in Table A it references. But no matter what grouping or sorting you put on A, you end up having to manually arrange the items in Table A if you want Table B to be ordered correctly.

(2) Sorting issues:
Maybe this is intended behavior, but sorting doesn’t actually change the row order. Is there a way to sort things permanently, instead of just creating a view that reverts once the sort is removed?
I’d also like to sort things recursively as well - Sort by column A, then column B. Is this possible? Grouping would sort of work, but a sort would be better.

(3) Changing Select-style column options.
Unless you create a pivot table, it’s not possible to change every instance of a select column option as assigned to the table from the column options box, that I can see.

Say, I have a column [Fruit] that includes [Apple, Pear, Banana], I assign all the items, but I want to change [Pear] to [Peach]. This requires converting the column to a lookup, or changing each item categorized by [Pear] to [Peach].
Is there another way to do this, or is a pivot table just always required? I’m not sure what the purpose of a select-style column is, then, when it’s just always better to use a lookup.

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