Copy Paste formatting bug

I’m trying to add a semicolon and a space in-between a list of filenames. The formula I’m trying to use is:

regexreplace(thisRow.Files,“g(?=2)”,"g; ")

and the contents of my cells in the Files column look something like this:


I got the list of filenames by shift+click selecting files in Finder (Mac OS Mojave) and command+v pasting in Coda while in Expand Row view. Both the Files column and the column with the regexreplace formula are Text columns.

I think there’s some formatting bug, because when I copy-pasted the contents of my cell into TextEdit they displayed with a space in-between the filenames like this:

20190403_164712.jpg 20190403_164737.jpg 20190403_164748.jpg 20190403_164905.jpg 20190403_165042.jpg

It seems like Coda does something with the formatting which breaks the formula. When I copied the list of files without spaces into my cell (edited using TextEdit), the formula worked as expected.

My workaround for this bug was to copy the column in a spreadsheet program and use Find and Replace there, then copy the column back into Coda.

I can’t say much about how the code is parsed, but just wanted to contribute something many people aren’t aware:

control + shift + v (on PC anyway) is paste without formatting. That may be helpful to keep formatting.