Copy the subpage content into a description field : api?


I’m migrating from notion…

There is an important change with the import that is well explained in this post : the database fields in Notion are well imported in a database into Coda while the page content in notion is import as a linked subpage.

Is there a way to copy a subpage content into a description field in order to use layout instead of subpage?

I checked the api but i don’t find a way access and copy the page content.

Thank you in advence for the help.

Welcome @j.b_o!

I’m afraid, there is no easy way within Coda to access text on a page via the API. Your best route would likely be to use copy paste (which I think you will find works quite well in most circumstances) to move data from the subpages to an appropriate cell. The only other solution I can think of would be to write a script to add row data based on the downloaded files of your Notion export. Unless you have an extremely large database, I would recommend sticking with copy paste.