Notion importer - getting the HTML export file

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:,
I am trying to export a table from notion into HTML with subpages, in order to use the coda exporter and export into Coda. I can’t seem to get to the point where I get an export file (out on Notion). Even if I export a small table with 20 rows, the page export counter will go up until hundreds or thousands of pages, and eventually get stuck. I am trying to find someway to make it work, since I have bigger tables to export than just 20 rows. The whole thing works well if I don’t turn on the “include subpages”

I realize this a notion problem and not Coda, but I thought maybe someone that moved from Notion to Coda have experience with this problem


Hey @Ronen_Bar ,

Hmm, that does seem challenging. Are you able to pull out the pages individually and not have them in a hierarchy so that you can export one page at a time? It may be tedious but it should still allow you to pull in the pages through the importer.

The only other thing I can think of would be to go in and export the whole workspace and get the automated email from Notion.

From their site:
Go to Settings & members at the top of your left-hand sidebar. Select Settings in the sidebar of that window. Scroll down and click the Export all workspace content button . You’ll receive an email from Notion with a link to download your file(s).”

Hope that helps in some way.


Thanks @Dan_Demers ,

I am trying to export a single page with a database. Eeven a single page with a database is not possible (and exporting evey row (page) in the databasw would take forever… Exporting the whole workspace also dosn’t work.

Hmm ok. Would you mind opening up a support ticket and we’ll get some additional eyes on this for you to see what’s going on. You can do that by clicking the :question: in the lower right-hand side of the doc and then clicking “Get Support.” From there we’ll be able to help get some clarity on this.


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