Notion Importer Issues

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have any experience migrating data from Notion into Coda?
We have a really large documentation base in Notion and it seems the importer in Coda is failing a lot.

I first tried to import my whole notion workspace, which produces an 8GB file. This returns a generic error in Coda " Something’s not right. We experienced an error: Please try again.".

I tried importing smaller chunks of data but I keep receiving the error for files over 100MB.

Does anyone have any tips on importing Notion data to Coda that can avoid these errors?


Hi @Mauricio_Avalos

I had the same issue. The error I had is that there is a large object in the imported file somewhere, a block of text that is long (more than 130k characters). The Coda staff suggested split it into a couple of blocks the import should work. So it probably relates to the format how you arrange or organize the contents in Notion. You can try to reach a Coda engineer and send an example file. They can help look into it.



Thank you Mu! I’ll reach out to them :slight_smile:

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