Copying table from google spreadsheets & numbers

Trying to copy from google sheets with default number format and coda cant understand it

there was table pics but i cant post them

even manually selecting that this values are numbers doesn’t work


WHYYYY I CAN USE ONLY , SEPARATOR??? LITERALLY ALL normal people use space, why the fuck do i need to use ,

ok, maybe that “add formula” button can help me make a converter to convert that all to numbers

imagine a picture with formula menu

i don’t understand what this is and why this is in the number format menu

Hi @Kochan,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

Firstly, by registering you agreed on the guidelines of this community (FAQ - The Coda Community): it’s really appreciated to honour them.

Coming to your problem, currently formats on some data types are not covering all the full fine-grained spectrum (numbers, date, time).

However there are some workarounds to programmatically convert into the proper data type.

Not quite, but you can:

  1. make a formula column (not editable) that displays in the correct data type
  2. add a button that does it and puts the data in an editable column

I tried to provide you a sample with both alternatives: let me know if it is clear:

Also, Coda - as well as other relational oriented data tools - favourites a row-based approach rather that a column-oriented.
Meaning that it is usually easier add a row than a column and if you follow this principle you’ll take full advantage of the tool (also provided in the sample).

Let me know if you have additional questions.


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