Counting pagenumbers in a magazinemanagement doc

I am making a magazine management doc. Now I want to have the pagenumbers added to an row/article. I want to add up the numbers of the amount of pages to the pagenumber of the article before.

So I start at page 1. If the article has 4 pages then I want the nextpagenumber row to say: 5

I can’t figure it out how to do this. As I am sure it’s not difficult.

hi @Jouke_Zomer ,

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Print is indeed an often discussed topic in the community, but so far we did not receive any response from Coda sharing with us that they intend to improve the print (to pdf) functionalities.

The page numbering is not possible. you need to export your date to word or docs and handle the rest there, that is it for the moment.

sorry to bring the bad news, cheers, Christiaan

It’s not to print anything. Indesign will do that for us. I have build a managementsystem for magazines. But the thing is that when I put it in cardview I want to have an overview of when which article is plced on which page. So I have a column with the amount of pages for the article. And I have a column with the count of the pages so I can see where they are in the magazine.

So I start at 1 (Column pagenumber). And the article has 4 pages (column pages count). then I want the Column pagenumber in the next row to say 5 (column pages count)

It’s a formula but I can’t find how to target the number in the (column pages count) row above.

hi @Jouke_Zomer
maybe you can share some screenshots to help me and others understanding the challenge better or you share a doc. Maybe you look for something we reference to as previousRow ?

@Pch recently wrote about it and I am sure she can help you out if this is the case.

Yes I think I have to find the number of pages count from the previous row

Screenshot 2023-05-23 130009

The best thing would be when I move around with articles it still has the right pagenumber because the pagecount helps in this case.

hi @Jouke_Zomer ,

okay, this is not very difficult, but something you need to know.

in the article below you can pick the solution you like. This one would work for you:



In which I renamed ‘Aantal pagina’s’ with AantalPages :wink:

enjoy, Cheers, Christiaan

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Thanks alot. I will look into it immediatly.

hi @Jouke_Zomer ,

did my contribution solve your problem?

thanks for letting us know, cheers, Christiaan

That worked. Now I have the problem that somehow the rowindex doesnt add up as it should.
I used Find(thisRow,thisTable) to make it so that it always gives numbers that add up. Not sure what’s going wrong here.

hi @Jouke_Zomer

the rowIndex as I defined it has an implicit sorting active. It is the initial sorting of the table, the moment you change this sorting, this rowIndex changes as well. You can add and apply the Sort() function to the end to make sure it mimics the sorting in your table.

The concept of previousRow is a relative concept as you understand by now :wink:

Cheers, Christiaan

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