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Hello, I was setting up my document and I am stuck somewhere. I was making a document with bulleted points and some of those bullet points needed a table. So when I added the table and moved on to the other bullet point after addition of table, the automated numbering started from 1. instead of continuation? How can I make this correct? Can you guide me through this or tell me the correct way? A trick or hack might help me too! Thank you in advance!

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You’ll always receive Yelp much faster and in a much more contextual way to your specific problem if you can provide further details, an example doc, or screenshots!

Pass some further details this way and I’ll be happy to help.

Hi Scott, here’s a screenshot for reference. As you can see, the text below starts with a new numbered list when in actual it should start from the numbers just before the table. Any solution?

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Add indentation to your table so that it becomes a “sub-item” of item 3: click on the table so that it has a blue outline and press Tab.


Then you’ll have your numbering continue after the table

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Thank You. This solution worked great for me!

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