Numbered list starts with a. instead of 1

I’m trying to collapse indented paragraphs but after indenting them, the numbering starts with a. instead of 1.

Example: the first line/paragraph below is a collapsible list paragraph style

  • What are at least 3 things which are different about Class A airspace?
    a. IFR certified (pilot + aircraft)
    b. must file IFR flight plan
    c. 18,000’ minimum

If I don’t indent a., b., or c., the paragraphs are numbered 1., 2., 3. However, they are also not nested under the collapsible list in that case.
Can these two features be used together?
I can type the numbering manually, but that’s more work.

Does Coda support resetting the numbering level in its hierarchical numbering? IOW, can I choose which numbering level to use in a numbered list? If I skip a paragraph, can I continue numbering with the next number instead of restarting at the first number?

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Unfortunately Coda is still working on the “making things pretty” part, :wink: I submitted a request for some of what you mentioned, but your summary is quite accurate.

(The 1. vs a. happens because it is decided by the absolute number of indents in the row, not from where you have started the numbering.)

We are hoping that Coda will soon announce some formatting improvements.


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TX (and happy new year :sparkler:)

I tried two workarounds but neither is really what I was looking for. one is a table which collapses and can display row numbers. no further number hierarchy or indents so not too flexible.

the other is using an h3 paragraph style which begins numbering with 1. and indents but doesn’t collapse.

HI Anna,

If you want to explore your idea about the table numbering, please have a look at the following:

It is a page from one of my docs, in which I use two buttons in a column to create a numbering sequence, both at the same level and a lower level.


play around with the numbers in the blocks to change your numbering sequence.

Unfortunately removing numbers and renumbering rows is still on the todo list

Just a ramble


I thought a heading and a collapsible list were mutually exclusive formats but I was wrong:

(see next post, I’m too new here so I’m only permitted to post one image at a time)

A heading (H1, H2, H3) has the ability to be collapsed.
Note the slight indent under this heading which starts with a number vs “a.” which was the original issue.
So basically, it works like I wanted after all. :slight_smile:

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