Create a document for each row

I am currently creating a project list table to manage all my project. I would like to create a project home page. Currently, I find the new Layout function, which works great. However, it does not have the functionality of using document or markdown for customized layout. Is it possible to create a customized project page for each row in the table in some way?



+1 for making the text editing functionality available in Table view also availabe in Layouts/Details view.

This is causing significant pain in my workflow:

  1. search > go to result in Details view = unable to match text edit formatting of the existing text in that row because that functionality is not available in Details view.
  2. MUST GO TO THE ACTUAL ROW in order to now perform the text editing that will match the formatting of the text field already existing.
  3. #2 is not easy, because there is no way to run a search and based on the search results go directly to the ACTUAL ROW. The only way to get there is to literally scroll through the table VISUALLY SCANNING for the desired row.

In addition to matching text editing functionality across all view types, it would be great to be able to run a search and then go directly to the row based on search results (rather than only to a Details popover).

The layout functionality is good. However, compared to Notion, one of thing that is currently lacking is the lack of document editing capability or link to document in the table, such as formatting, bold symbol, and multiple paragraph in the current layout description file. For other functionalities such as automation, button, formula, etc, it all beats Notion.

I think you and I are discussing the same thing, but maybe not. I used the term “text editing” to include such things as: headers, bold, underline, text color, highlighting, bullets, numbering, indentation levels, etc.

Basically, if text can be modified in one Display type (Table, Cards, etc), it should be able to be equally modified in all other Display types (Details, Layout, etc). Otherwise it limits workflows.

cc: @jaime

I got your meaning. Yes, this is what I mean. I think notion starts with the document editing and then grow to table view. However, Coda uses the table view/database as its core, with tons of new features, which is good. But it is good if it can add some “text editing” functions into each row/document.

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+1 here on improving the detailed view layouts functionality. I love the new Detailed View because it moves us towards the concept of a “database of structured documents”. However modifying row data within Detailed view and Table views in general is still a bit clunky:

  • Lists are difficult to build within a column. I can’t press shift-enter and add a new item to a list within a column. This makes formatting very difficult
  • For some reason, I’m unable to add a link in detailed view?