Create a filtered index of sub-pages

We are using coda as our internal knowledge platform. I was wondering if there was a way to create an index/directory/table of content type that is filtered for sub-pages. The pack, doc explorer seems to be able to do that but is not free. Any suggested packs or approaches to achieving this will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

Creator of doc explorer pack here. I believe the pack is free depending on what Coda plan you are on.

What plan are you on?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the prompt turnaround. I am currently on the pro plan and using the Doc Explorer trial.


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Hi Scott,

I have a similar requirement, and I trialed the Doc Explorer pack but wasn’t able to do what I wanted with it.

We are moving across from Confluence and I’m trying to replicate the type of index that we used for navigation. This is different from what I managed to get from Doc Explorer in several ways:

  • It’s plain text and because of this is compact, space-efficient. It isn’t cluttered with icons or emojis.
  • The full page title is readable, rather than being truncated.
  • It lists subpages down to any depth and visually indicates the hierarchy with increasing right indentation. Doc Explorer only seems to show one level of subpages.

Here’s an example of what we have in Confluence:

confluence index

Is there any way to create something more like that with Doc Explorer?


It is likely that you could create something like this.

But my first question would be why?

In moving from one platform to another it isn’t always ideal to attempt to mimic exactly features from one to the other - but rather to recognize differences between the platforms and play on the strengths on the new platform.

For example, you already have that “Full Index” on the left hand side bar - viewing and naviagating all pages

You also have Coda AI chat - wherein your team can simply ask questions like “what are the most likely pages in this doc I can find information about our companies Onboarding policies.” Coda AI chat would then point them to the right pages - or answer specific questions without even navigating to a page!

But the question I would ask first before moving in a specific direction design wise is - what am I trying to accomplish? Think functionally - what specific value did having that Full Index bring your team and how can we replicate the FUNCTION and not the visual design.

Let me know your thoughts! Happy to help you find something that works - and not only replicated function of confluence but goes beyond and serves your team even better!

Thanks, good questions.

Why? We’ve found the full-hierarchy text index that we were using to provide the fastest way for our team to find the information they’re looking for, usually in one click.

Being able to view the structure of the wiki, or one section of the wiki, is also helpful both to visitors reading it as well as the authors who write pages.

There are alternatives, as you point out, but they’re just less efficient. We’d prefer to keep what we had if possible.

Do you have any suggestions that could get us closer to what we had before?


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