Create a Invoice system for Mentors


I’m trying to create system that will take in invoice that mentors send us (we’re a tech accelerator program)
It started out simple, but they it got a bit tricky and i’m trying to figure out what I can do to make it simple again.
The requirements are:

  • We have a list of Mentors
  • They report Session that they had with our Companies
  • They upload Invoices and connect them to the Sessions.
  • Then people for our team to approve them.

Where are the issues:

  1. I’d like mentors to only see their Sessions and Invoices. That also means that when they need to choose the Sessions to connect with a Invoices:
    a. they should only see their one,
    b. they should only see Sessions which aren’t yet connected to Invoices (so they don’t double connect by mistake).

  2. Should I have mentors register as users? ands if so how do I keep they from gaining full access to the Doc? or should I just create Mentors form and let them select themselves when they update Sessions and upload Invoices? (it’s a bit clumsy)

I’d love any pointer on what else I’m missing? also if you could help me with what would be the right formulas to use, that would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Tomer_Marshall , thanks for reaching out! For additional building help, our Experts Directory is the best resource for that. Our experts can be found here!: Hire a Coda expert, connect with a Coda expert - Coda

If you are looking for general Coda training, we host live weekly demos that I’d love to invite you to. You can reserve your spot here!

In addition, as you start to get more familiar with Coda, below are some resources you’ll find helpful:

  1. Coda Courses for video courses to build along with our experts
  2. Coda Guides for a library of guides to level up your Coda docs and skills
  3. The Gallery tab for inspiration and templates

Hope those resources help!

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