Create tasks in Slack, track in Coda, notify Slack when done

Hi there,

Feel free to point me to previous answers if this has been asked before.

I would like to create the following system to track tasks using Coda and Slack:

  • A colleague writes a Slack message that contains an ask of a team member. To flag the message as a task, they must use (as an example) the banana emoji (:banana:) in their message. They can use @ to indicate the team members who should do the task
  • Sending this message in Slack adds a new row to a table in Coda which contains the information from the message. A column has the message, the next column the ‘Owner’ (the person who asked), next column is ‘Assigned to’ (the colleagues who were @-ed), a column with ‘task status’ (steps: to-do, in progress, done), and the last column ideally a button which notifies the Slack channel about the task status

I have set up Slack and Coda and from what I can tell I have added the Coda app to Slack and installed the Slack package in Coda. Beyond that, assume I know very little about the functionalities of Slack (other than writing messages) and Coda (anything beyond creating a basic table), so please be as descriptive as possible when it comes to setting this up.

Thanks so much in advance! Whoever knows the answer can claim to be smarter than ChatGPT, because that really wasn’t a great help :slight_smile:

I think to achieve this, you’d need to develop a custom slack bot that triggers when a specific emoji is in the text - or the emoji is set as a reaction – that then posts the data via coda api to the insertrows endpoint :thinking:

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